What is this?

VoteDogecar was created during the Sprint Fan Vote, and ran a 24-hr livestream marathon where shibes voted nearly continuously for Josh Wise in the Nascar Sprint Fan Vote.  Our captcha-typing perseverance paid off, and he won!  He raced the Dogecoin car several times, and will race again for Dogecoin at Talladega in the fall.  Josh Wise has been a tremendous asset and ambassador to the Dogecoin community, and has turned many of us on to a sport we'd never previously considered.  Many of us are now NASCAR and fans for life!  We won't know until December if Josh Wise is THE Most Popular Driver, but he's definitely OUR Most Popular Driver, so many of us will be voting daily for him.  

How does it work?

Unlike the Sprint Fan Vote, each shibe can only vote once per day for their favorite driver, so slow and steady will be the only way for us to win this race! VoteDogecar.com is a place to stop in daily--maybe chat a bit, or catch someone's gaming stream.  We have some very talented shibes among us--some with the gift of gab that may host call-in shows, others that can mix some incredible tunes.  Shibes will also gather at race time each week to root for Josh, and maybe learn a thing or two more about NASCAR from some of the long-time NASCAR shibes in our numbers.  We welcome any shibe to stream--join us in the irc chat for details.

Is there anything I can do?

You can help Dogecoin and the community by voting for Josh Wise DAILY in the 2014 Sprint NMPA Most Popular Driver Award Vote!  If you need a daily reminder, check out the Chrome Browser Extension.
And while you're at it, follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date & chat with us on our #votedogecar IRC!